It has been far too long since this account was updated on the musical output of either of the Desert Eaglz, accordingly we have decided to post BEEV$TA's (aka Small Tee) newest mixtape "Limited Moon". Free download as usual, Phoenix Hip Hop meets Electronic music!

IX-I-IV: The Mixtape

2014-08-07 05:57:15 by Southwest-MC

After a long period underground living life and experiencing the trials and tribulations of experience, a new mixtape from BEEV$TA (aka small tee of the Desert Eaglz) is on its way for free download!! This mixtape will be availbale in its entierty for for free download to the denzinens of NG, you all have stood by DE since '05!


- thank you & much luv,

Desert Eaglz (Tall Tee + BEEV$TA)

The new CD is finally done and up for free download! You can find the tracks here (2 being uploaded everyday) or one other sites such as myspace, purevolume, soundclick (links below). Thanks newgrounds for continuing to give us and all of our music a home for all these years!

My personal acoustic project has several new songs written and I'm about to release an EP of my own also, so I'll keep you guys updated on that too. Thanks for all those who listen.

DE album free download: